GP Medicare Item Numbers



Note: The referral must include the any of the following critera to be eligible for MBS rebates.

GP Referrals: Item Numbers for Medicare Benefits (Patients <16 from 1 Nov 2012; Patients ≥16 from 1 Nov 2013) - Referral by a Medical Practitioner excluding a specialist or consultant physician:


GP Referred Paediatric MRI (Patient under 16 years)

GP Referred Adult MRI (Patient older than 16 years)

MRI Head for the following:

- unexplained seizures

- unexplained headache

- paranasal sinus pathology

MRI Head for the following:

- unexplained seizures

- unexplained chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology

 MRI Spine following an x-ray for:

- significant trauma

- neck or back pain with associated neurological signs

- back pain where significant pathology suspected

MRI Cervical spine for suspected:

- Trauma

- Cervical radiculopathy


MRI Knee following an x-ray for:

- internal joint derangement





MRI Knee following acute trauma with:

- inability to extend the knee suggesting the possibility of an acute meniscal tear;


- Clinical findings suggesting an acute anterior cruiate ligament tear.

MRI Hip following an x-ray for:

- suspected septic athritis

- suspected slipped femoral capital epiphysis

- suspected Perthe's disease



MRI Elbow following an x-ray for:

- significant fracture or avulsion injury is suspected that will change management



MRI Wrist following an x-ray for:

- suspected scaphoid fracture


 Please refer to MBS items 63507 - 63522  Please refer to MBS items 63551 - 63560


The referral must specify the relevant criteria to be eligible to claim MBS benefits.