Breast MRI


Breast MRI
The most advanced and sensitive method for breast imaging.


MRI of the breast is a very sensitive and effective method for imaging the breast; and is used as an adjunct to the routine examinations of mammography and ultrasound. In some circumstances, the examination qualifies for a Medicare benefit.

We have optimized a full range of breast sequences. Each examination is reviewed on a dedicated workstation and co-reported by two Radiologists, all of whom have been accredited for reporting Breast MRI by the American College of Radiology.

What is Breast MRI used for?

  • High risk screening (Medicare rebate available for patients at high risk under 50 years of age when referred by a Specialist).
  • Evaluation of implant integrity in patients having or suspected to have PIP Breast Implants (Medicare rebate available when referred from a Specialist or General Practitioner).
  • Staging the extent of breast cancer.
  • Evaluation of patients with axillary lymph node cancer with negative mammography and clinical findings.
  • Evaluation of post-surgical patients with questionable mammographic findings to help differentiate scar from recurrent disease.

How to prepare for a Breast MRI?

Fast for three hours prior to the scan if having the scan for cancer screening or cancer assessment. Bring your most recent mammograms and ultrasounds to the MRI appointment.

What to expect during a Breast MRI?

During a breast MRI, you are scanned lying on your abdomen so that your breasts can be suspended in an imaging device.

You will have a needle in your arm for an injection of contrast which is necessary for cancer detection (this is not necessary for implant assessment).

Please allow about one hour for your examination.

Breast machine