Cardiac MRI


What is Cardiac MRI used for?

  • Cardiac MRI provides the most comprehensive assessment of cardiac structure and function available today.
  • Cardiac MRI offers the opportunity to non-invasively image the heart with high (sub-millimetre) spatial resolution images, perform scar imaging, generate precise ventricular volumes via unrestricted imaging planes, with larger fields of view and lower operator dependency than echocardiography, and with no ionising radiation or iodinated contrast.
  • Currently the most commonly requested studies are for congenital heart disease (including coronary artery course, shunt calculations), cardiomyopathy (including ARVC, non-compaction, HCM), aortic disease and suspected tumours of the heart. These scans are all eligible for a Medicare benefit.
  • There are a range of other conditions which we also scan such as for ischaemic heart disease/viability studies, cardiac thrombus, pericardial disease, restrictive and inflammatory cardiomyopathy, and pre-EP ablation pulmonary vein studies for incorporation into mapping technologies.

We have optimized a full range of unique cardiac sequences and have a Level III accredited reporting team.

Presently there are few such sites in Australia which operate a high-end clinical and research facility with an internationally trained and accredited reporting team.

We have all our studies co-reported by a cardiologist and radiologist for the most comprehensive assessment of the scan data.

Cardiac MRI reports are routinely available within 5-7 days.
Hardcopy reports include all volumetrics and key images.
Hard copies are accompanied with a CD of the study and a viewing tool.

MRI Services- Cardiac MRI

Figure 1: Example of MRI images showing patient with an ischaemic cardiomyopathy.

Evaluation and Screening for Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia

How to prepare for a Cardiac MRI?

We will ask you to fast for three hours prior to your scan. Please check with our staff when booking or confirming your appointment.

What to expect from a Cardiac MRI?

Cardiac MRIs take slightly longer than many MRIs and you will be required to be at our Practice for 1.5 hours.