Paediatric MRI


What is MRI used for in Children?

  • Bone and soft tissue tumours and other paediatric tumours are evaluated, when referred by a Specialist.
  • From 1 November 2012, General Practitioners have been able to refer children < 16 years (ie. not 16 years or greater) for the following Medicare items:
    • Scan of head for unexplained seizures, headaches and paranasal sinus pathology (resistant to medical therapy)
    • Scan of spine for unexplained neck or back pain including significant trauma
    • Scan of knee for internal joint derangement
    • Scan of hip for suspected septic arthritis, SCFE or Perthes disease
    • Scan of elbow
    • Scan of wrist for suspected scaphoid fracture.

Some children may require sedation and in this case an in-hospital MRI service may be more appropriate. Referring doctors or parents are asked to ring our staff to discuss your child’s needs. If the child is co-operative it may be possible to have the MRI with us in a private medical centre setting without sedation. A parent or legal guardian should always accompany patients < 16 years.

MRI is safe in children and uses no ionising radiation.

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