About Specialist MRI



Specialist MRI was opened in 1992 when MRI was a relatively new service available in the medical field. Since then MRI techniques have changed and become more sophisticated. Specialist MRI has remained at the forefront of MRI technology and application.

Our doctors work closely with clinicians from a range of specialities as well as General Practitioners to ensure MRI scans meet their diagnostic needs. Our radiologists are available for in-person or telephone consultation with their referrers to discuss advice regarding diagnosis.

SMRI operates two high field strength 1.5 Tesla MRI scanners utilising the latest technology. Our MRI scanners provide high resolution neurological and musculoskeletal examinations, advanced cardiac studies and specialised scanning of the breast, abdomen and pelvis. MRI does not use ionising radiation, unlike x-ray and CT scanners.

Our GE Signa Horizon HDx scanner is a modern short bore MRI system, capable of ultra-fast imaging, on which we perform a wide range of MRI examinations. The short tunnel and the flared tunnel opening make this machine more comfortable for claustrophobic patients.

Our Philips Achieva MR scanner has technically advanced capabilities with the ability to offer specialised scanning including prostate with endorectal coil and spectroscopy, and functional MRI and fibre-tracking Brain MRI examinations.